Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Outfit picks ft @SlayGirlFashionOfficial

Okay my huns so today I'm doing a collaboration with @slaygirlfashionofficial. I've picked out my favourite pieces from their website and put together some outfits which I can share with you all!! These outfits are mainly inspired by summer apart from the first one which is more of a spring outfit but I wanted to feature it anyway because it is my top pick and best suits my style!! So lets get started!

Outfit 1.

First up is this spring inspired outfit! Okay... so if you know me you will know that I love anything cropped. Cropped jumpers are my thing and if the jumper isn't cropped I'm most likely going to grab my handy red scissors and chop that jumper in half until I get the desired length!! I'm also OBSESSED with red right now, I've recently fallen in love with the colour so when I saw this 'Netflix and Chill Sweatshirt' I was like hell yeah because who wouldn't love a netflix and chill inspired slogan jumper!! (shop here - £25)

I then selected these 'Ripped Mom Jeans' to be paired with these 'Large Mesh Fishnet Tights' as this style is so in trend right now and I love the style so I thought it was only right to pair it with the jumper!! Finally to complete the outfit I selected these 'Faux Suede Pointed Strappy Heels' - keeping it classy with a simple black heel. I actually need to buy this whole outfit for myself - IT'S SO ME!!!
(shop jeans here - £20)
(shop tights here - £5)
(shop heels here - £29)

Outfit 2.

Next up is this outfit which screams "comfy but cute" to me! I chose these 'Blue Lillie Shorts' because adding a pop off colour to an outfit really makes a difference and why not change it up a bit from the usual monochrome colours especially when the sun is out!! I picked this colour as blue really compliments a tan and they look super comfy and cute! (shop here - £14)

Then I picked this 'White Tired T-Shirt' because I thought it would create a casual look that still looks great and again white compliments a tan so it's clearly a match made in heaven haha! It's also very me as I'm always tired so I couldn't ignore this. If I was to style this I would tie it up or again get my trusty scissors out and crop it!! (shop here - £12)

Outfit 3.

Okay so this outfit shouted holiday to me! If i was to go to the beach this is what I would grab out of my suitcase and pair together! These 'Black Pom Pom Velvet Shorts' are hella cute and will go with anything as they are black. (shop here - £16). I then saw this 'No Tits Halter Crop top' (shop here - £9) and couldn't miss it out as it made me laugh. Bonus - it would look super cute paired with the pom pom shorts so you can't go wrong!

Outfit 4.

I saw these 'Embroidered Cut - Out Shorts' (shop here - £25) and was like wow. I am so obsessed with embroidery at the moment along with many others as it is so in fashion right now. These are so stunning, the colour, design, just everything really. I love the cut out as I feel like it brings something new to the table and adds a bit of spice haha. I paired it with this 'Pink Suede Crop Top' (shop here - £16) because I've seen many of these floating around for so long and I just think they are so cute and can be paired with anything, it also allows you to add a staple necklace or choker, as the top is quite simple which I love.

Outfit 5.

Okay girls, this is my idea of a perfect summery dress! For 1. its the prettiest and cutest thing ever, 2. it's white so will look amazing with a tan (I swear that is all I think about when it comes to colours hahaha) 3. the details are gorgeous, 4. it will enhance your figure in the chest and waist area, also show off your legs as it's short in length, and 5. it's only £18!!!!! I can't actually get over how gorgeous this 'Plunge Casual Lace Mini Dress' is (shop here). Then to complete the outfit I paired it up with these lovely 'Peep Toe Lace Up Cut Out Heels' (shop here - £32). I LOVE heels, especially ones that are lace up, I think it's so nice to add something extra to a heel. If your not into lace ups then you could pair it with a simple pair of black heels or a staple colour like red - that would also look amazing.

And that's a wrap my loves! Again it would be amazing if you could share the love and give them a follow! Thank you all for reading, I hope you have a lovely day/evening. Ciao my hunnies x

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