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The Boyfriend Tag - Juicy Information

Welcome my lovelies. So here is my first blog post and it feels super amazing to be writing this. I can't wait to be uploading more on here, so keep a look out as there is more to come. I'll be sharing post updates on my Insta so make sure you're following so you can keep an eye on my uploads.
As this is my first post I thought I'd give you all some juicy information about my relationship, so you can get to know me and Lerone❤
Lets get started, okay so question 1...

1. When and where did you meet?

So we both went to the same college - I was studying in my first year and he was in his second year and we actually met through a friend of mine who he was talking to at the time (I know how romantic - NOT hahaha) so us three girls went to speak to him and we somehow got talking.
From there onwards over the summer we spoke constantly and when I say constantly I mean NON STOP like this was serious business, we were always talking until early hours of the morning, facetiming for like a whole 12 hours or something crazy like that (morning till late evening/past midnight), we were making up our own jokes and just generally vibing and having such a laugh and if I ever fell asleep on facetime it was the end of the world so he would hang up and ring me like 100 times until I woke back up again just so we could carry on talking.

2. What were your first impressions of each other?

Me - We clicked instantly and I could tell he was my kind of person but there was one thing I could not shake. He was incredibly confident and big headed and it just made me laugh so much... I always slated him for that but I clearly managed to get him to tone it down because I gave him a chance in the end.
Lerone - We just clicked straight away it was almost like we were always meant for eachother! I thought Amelia was very naturally beautiful and I could not stop thinking about her from the second I met her!

3. Where was your first date?

Our first date was on the 24th December (the day we got together). We had been hanging out loads when we went back to college after the summer break and he had asked me to be his girlfriend numerous times before I said yes (I was horrible lol). I said to him "before I say yes I want to be 100% ready", so I want to spend time with you outside of college and have a proper day together first. He agreed and we arranged to meet, he came to my town to meet me, we went into town and did a bit of last minute christmas shopping (sums me up). Then we went to Pizza Express for lunch (he paid of course) and then went back to my house for the evening and that was our first date!!

4. When/where was your first kiss?

Our first kiss was before we got together and it was in a train station haha! After college he walked me to the station and just as I was about to leave to get my train I said goodbye, gave him a hug and he said "do I not get my kiss then" so I kissed him and ran for my train!!

5. Who said "I love you first"?

It was definitely Lerone who said it first, he was so in love before we were even together. Aw he was soo cute!!

6. How did you get together? Who asked who?

Okay so after we had spent the evening together after our date on the 24th December, me and my mum took him to the train station to get the last train back to his house! We got out of the car, I walked him to the platform and the train started to approach the station. I knew what was coming... we had previously agreed that I would be the one to ask him the question even though he knew I wouldn't haha. (that was because I had said no to him like 5 times already) anyway the train had pulled up and he had to jump on so he quickly asked me if I'd like to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes! I gave him a smooch and to my surprise the train driver shouted out of the window "love birds" and then I waved him off until the train was out of sight. Love story I know;)

7. How long have you been together?

We have been together since Christmas Eve 2015, so that is a year and 5 months!

8. What is the one thing you would wish for the other not to do?

Lerone - Hahahaha well I wish she would not take up all of her side and all of MY side of the bed, I may aswell sleep on the floor with the way she sprawls her body all over the bed.
Me - Okay so Lerone doesn't like hanging around in shops but one thing I wish he would not do is ask to go out somewhere shopping but then start huffing and puffing and complaining that I'm looking around it just makes me laugh because that's the whole point in shopping but he seems to think that you go into the shop pick up what you want and leave without looking around haha so funny.

9. Do you have any nicknames?

Lerone - Well... hahaha she calls me mogul, babyy, and babylerr.... it's funny actually because we've always cringed at couples who call eachother baby and we started out doing it ironically, sarcastically and as a joke but somehow we started calling eachother baby in a "baby like" voice. Like we're talking to an actual baby haha.
Me - Okay so this is going to sound so stupid and you're probably going to think I'm an absoloute weirdo but I'm sharing it with you anyway because it is funny! So my nickname is "gooey" hahaha. I honestly cant even tell you the significance of this nickname because there isnt one but randomly the other week Lerone just came out with gooey and it made me so happy haha! It was just the way he said it.. it was so cute so I was like call me gooey forever please... oh god I'm like a 5 year old at heart.

10. Who is the more dominant one in your relationship?

Lerone - Hmmm well I personally find this tricky, we're both really dominant people in different situations. So when it comes to shopping I'm dominant because I hate faffing and loitering so I'll take charge. But when it comes to cleaning Amelia is dominant ASF hahaha when she wants to clean... she wants to clean... she always shouts at me to empty the bins are clean things with her hahaha bless her and nothing will stop her😂 so determined!! So I guess we're equally as dominant. We're just dominate in different situations.
Me - I agree it's definitely a 50/50 thing. I can be dominant when I want something e.g. if I'm too lazy to move then I will be able to get Lerone to run round like a little minion for me hahaha its so cute. Obviously I do the same for him but a little persuasion and a cute face usually does the job and like he said he can be dominant when he wants to get out of a shop.  

11. What are the topics of your arguments?

Lerone - A lot of our arguments are all 'picture based'.. if one of us is not having a photogenic day we will blame the photographer for their shit angles and not being able to take pictures properley or if one of us can't get a good picture we often get stressed at the other and take out our frustrations on the other. Listen to this...
ONE FUCKING DAY SHE HAD ME TAKE PICTURES OF HER FOR LIKE 40 MINUTES OR SOMETHING AND THEN WHEN IT WAS MY TURN SHE SAID SHE WAS NOT DOING IT... I absolutely lost my shit with her and started screaming selfish at the top of my voice. And to make it even better and to rub it in even further she thought it would be funny to name the picture folder on her laptop as "selfish" hahaha.
Me - We are literally like cat and dog we can argue over the dumbest and tiniest things its like living with a girl no joke.. so yeah I can't pinpoint anything because it can be over anything as we have like the complete opposite personalities and we just always piss each other off haha oops.   

12. What annoys you the most about the other?

Lerone - Okay, so... Amelia will tell me she only wants to go to one shop (but in her head she knows she wants to go to 100000000 shops) so after we have been to the first shop she will start walking towads a different shop and I'll be like "where are you going? You said you only wanted to go to the shop we've just been to?" And she will reply with "well I always planned I was going to a few shops" ahhahahaha it makes me laugh now... but when it happens I'm furious at her.
Me - Omg during the night, Lerone wakes up multiple times and decides to go to the fridge and open the chocolate or any sweets that we have and starts to eat them in his sleep... yes you read that right! He eats junk in his sleep and he has absolutely no recollection of doing it and I wake up to hear him munching away on chocolate! The only way he knows hes done it, is if I tell him or he wakes up with wrappers at his side of the bed haha.
Alright my lovelies thats it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know us a little bit better. My next post will be a primark haul so keep a look out for that, but for now, ciao hunnies x

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