Monday, 1 May 2017

Pamper Night Routine ft BLOGGER MAIL

Hey again my lovelies, so todays post is just me sharing with you the things I do when I'm feeling super stressed and I just need some ME time!!
These are just some really simple things that can make such a difference, they are all things you will already asssociate with relaxing and will already know of. Giving yourself time where you can just relax and pamper yourself is so beneficial and its so nice to just unwind. If you can put a few hours aside on a night or a weekend, every week or every 2 weeks you will feel so much better in yourself!
Okay so here is what I tend to do when I can grab some time for myself, first I will take a nice hot bubbly bath and pop some tea light candles around the bath and turn the light out, pop a nice bath bomb in there - a Lush one is always good! Then I set up my phone on a little chair and watch some of my favourite youtubers and just soak there for ages!! The candles just make the atmosphere 100x more relaxing and you automatically feel in the zone. Whilst I'm in the bath I like to give my hair an extra treat. I'm currently loving these hair care products which were sent to me by the lovely Sarah from @umbertogiannini.

She sent me the indulgent nourishing range as my hair is quite dry at the moment. They have so many different ranges for different hair types. I like to use the 'Indulge Wash Nourishing Shampoo' and the 'Indulge Care Nourishing Conditioner' followed by the 'Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask'. So I cover my hair from roots to tips, then pop the hair cap on thats provided. I like to leave the hair mask on for about 5 minutes. You can use this once a week or at every wash. I honestly love this product, my hair feels so nice and soft after I use this and it looks so healthy so I'll definately be using these more often! After I've got out of the shower I like to take the 'Pick Me Up Moisturising Nutrient Spray' just to add some extra smoothness. This product also acts as a heat protectant which is amazing - I'm all about those multi use products!! Anyway I'm so in love with these products so far and the packaging.. Oh my lord. I think its absoloutely gorgeous! I just love the white and rose gold together as they are my two fav colours. One thing I love about this company is that every different range has different coloured packaging, which is soooo cute!

These products are relatively affordable in my eyes. You can buy the shampoo, conditioner and the nutrient spray individually for £7, the hair mask for £8.50, the 'Miracle Worker Smooth Serum (which I'm yet to try) for £8 but its currently £5.28 until the 30th April and then for the regime kit the retail price is £29.50 but it's currently on sale for £19.50 which I think is so amazing for all four products!!

Next I like to get out of the bath, jump on my bed, put some relaxing music on to listen to in the background. I just type in relaxation music on youtube and there is hundreds, I usually just play a video thats like 3 hours long. Then I like to grab a body oil or moisturiser. Lately I'm loving this body oil which was kindly sent to me from the lovely people at @dlux_body. It is a gorgeous acai body oil with natural acai and coconut oil in.
"d'lux body is filled with Acai's green goodness. Acai oil is the most powerful antioxidant of any edible fruit in the world. Antioxidants help to protect your skin from harmful free radicals and the oxidation of cells, leaving your skin looking fresher and unblemished. Acai body oil's unique properties nourish, moisturise and replenish your skin for a healthy glow." 

This product needs so much more recognition because its amazing!! The smell is insane for one, and the product leaves you with such a perfect natural glow it just looks like your skin is glowing to the gods. The oil itself is a like a pale green colour which is so unique. For me moisturising is like a chore because I hate that greasy residue that is always left over and you feel like you cant even move and you have to lay naked for like half an hour for it to soak in just so you can put clothes on hahaha! Well girls let me tell you this does not leave any greasy residue behind. You can apply this and put clothes on straight away without feeling like you're sticking to them. Thats one of the biggest reasons why I love this product so much!! Bonus - Your skin feels amazing the next day!

So this product retails for $34.95 Australian Dollars which is £20.22 in GBP and then you have to take into account shipping fees too! It's quite pricey for a body oil but it's an amazing product to have if you want to splurge. Buy here

The next step is skincare. So I pop my comfy pj's on and grab my skincare essentials. The first thing I like to do is take this new cleanser which I recieved from @circcell. So I was really intrigued to try this product when I recieved it as it sounds really interesting to me.

Its a 'Geothermal Clay Cleanser (oil and clay cleansing emulsion) which again is a multi use product so I was super happy about that. This can be used morning and night as a cleanser to 'disolve makeup, extract impurities, and loosen debris while keeping natural oils intact' or you can use this once a week for 10-15 minutes as a refining face mask. I have only used this as a cleanser so far and I really like it. It applies really nicely to the skin, as you apply it, it feels really nourishing and creamy and after I wash this off my face it feels soooo soft. I feel like a baby so I'm excited to carry on using this and hopefully see some good results.

Once I've used my cleanser I move onto toning. I've been using this product from @nuxe_uk for a few years now and it's so lovely. I used to use toners with alcohol in but then I recieved a mini bottle of this alcohol free 'Gentle Toning Lotion' in a beauty subscription box and I realised that alcohol free toners are so much more beneficial to the skin as they are not harsh and full of bad chemicals. Every since then I've been through like 3 bottles. This product is so gentle on the skin and it has rose petals in which makes it even better as rose is supposed to be really good for the skin. This retails for £14.
After this I like to do a face mask. I'm always trying new skin care products, especially masks. I was recently sent these sheet masks from @lecler_uk, so I tried out the 'Express - Refresh Silkly Sheet Mask' one the other day.
I simply popped the mask on and let it sit for 20 minutes. This mask is designed to deliver an 'instant skin radiance boost' which is certainly does because my skin looked so healthy the next day I felt like a new woman haha! Anyway it really sticks to your skin and instantly feels super hydrating, after a few minutes you begin to feel like you have nothing on your face other than a serum, the masks just feels like it dissolves into your skin. The only critisicm I have for this product is the actual mask is extremely large for me as I have a tiny head haha... So when I was applying the mask the product went on my hairline which is one thing I hate, BUT on the plus side its great that its large because it is guaranteed to fit everybodys head. So if you're like me and you have a tiny head and dont like getting skincare products in your hair then make sure you use the mask on a night where you can wash your hair afterwards. These masks retail for £7.90 which is quite expensive for a one use product but I would defintely reccomend this product especially for a pamper
So once I've done a face mask I like to just moisturise. I've been loving this "Skin Absolute Night" moisturiser from @filorga_uk which has a really interesting concept. Its unlike any other moisturiser I have ever seen as the colour of this is black/dark grey...
This cream contains extracts of meteorite dust and delivers a botox like ingredient. This is an anti aging night cream. People always say to me "you're too young you don't need anti-aging cream" but I like to use them because the whole point in them is to PREVENT aging. So in my eyes its too late to start using them when you have already aged and have wrinkles which is why I like to use them from young to keep my skin nice and healthy and hopefully prevent getting wrinkles as I get older. Anyway back to the cream.. the texture of this feels so luxurious but I cant describe how it feels, other then when you're applying it it feels like you are just slathering your face with nutrients and goodness which I absoloutely love. The smell of this is also incredible, and the best part about this is after you have applied it you start to feel a very slight tingly burning sensation almost as if your skin is already tightening, which again is something I love. I prefer a product that feels like its actually doing something rather than a product that feels like its doing nothing. So I'm living for this right now.
After this I like to give my lips a little treat as this is something I usually tend to forget about so I've been trying to get into the habit of applying a lip balm every night and its made such a huge difference to my lips. I usually use a Vitamin E lip balm from Superdrug which seems to help my lips a lot. But when I do my pamper night I will use a lip scrub to exfoliate my lips. So I've been using this lip plumping duo from @puritycosmetics_
This duo has a lip scrub and a lip primer. What I like about these products is they contain natural and organic ingredients. I like to use the peppermint sugar scrub on my lips for 2-3 minutes to exfoliate any dry skin. Then I apply 3 coats of the lip primer and leave it to sit for 5 minutes as it says to do so if you want maximum effects. Applying 3 coats really makes a differerence as you can feel your lips tightening. I love that you can apply any lipstick over the top of this so you can use this as a base before doing your makeup to have lucious plump lips. Here are the picture before, after the scrub and after the lip primer. As you can see this product does have amazing results if you look at the before and after picture so yes I would definitely recommend this product.

Once I've done my skincare I tend to put my phone aside with my relaxing music on then turn out the lights but have a lamp on still. Then I'll grab my favourite book, have a litte read, and then cosy up into bed and dose of to sleep.
And thats my pamper routine, its super simple and easy to follow. It just consists of giving your self time with no distractions... it does me the world of good. So hopefully this has given you some things to try for when you're feeling super stressed. Thats it for today, thankyou for reading! Ciao hunnies x

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