Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hair Mask Review - @Holacocouk Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Girls I'm not even joking YOU NEED THIS! Theres no time for an introduction today, I need to talk about this amazing product...
Okay so my hair is not in the best condition due to bleaching, this obviously dried out my hair extremely and then I ended up with a lot of split ends and wispy bits of hair that have snapped off, so my hair was in serious need of rescuing. THANK GOD I CAME ACROSS THIS BEAUTY, I can't even explain what good this did to my hair after just one use.

After kindly recieving a sample pot from the lovely lady at @Holacoco I applied it to my ends and the left overs to the sides of my head and the top (I didn't have enough product to cover my whole head). Anyway I put this mask in tied my hair up and slept in it over night, washed it out and halleluhjah my hair was in such amazing conditition that I didn't even think it was mine, I have never seen such a transformation like that ever before... My hair felt so silky and smooth and I couldn't stop stroking my hair because it felt unbelievably soft. It also made the appearance of my split ends go down and just made my hair look so much healthier overall!!

I have tried 100% natural coconut oil before all over my hair as a mask and I can tell you it did not do half as good of a job as this did so there must be some extra added magic in here to make it so amazing! Just look at some of these transformations... (These pictures are featured on their Instagram).

So here is what it claims to do and I can tell you it for sure does what it says on the tin...
"Hola Coco Coconut Oil Hair Mask restores dry damaged hair, replenishing moisture and shine with its deep nourishing properties. Naturally derived ingredients penetrate the hair follicle eliminating dry and frizzy strands, replacing them with intense softness and silky shine.
Moisturises dry hair
Easy to use
500ml container
Repairs split ends
Stimulates hair growth
Adds softness and shine
Suitable for all hair types"
Anyway huns you seriously need to give this mask a try, it retails at £29.99 which may be quite pricey for some but I can tell you its so worth the money as you recieve a 500ml pot so you will get plenty of uses out of it and it does your hair wonders... You can buy it here at
So that's it for today my loves, I really hope you enjoyed reading today. I'm so happy to be sharing this with you and for all the girls out there with problematic hair or damaged hair like me... I GOT YOU. I can assure this will be your new holy grail hair care product. Again thankyou for reading and I'll be back soon for another post, ciao hunnies x

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