Friday, 21 April 2017

April Primark Haul

Hey again my lovelies! So today's post is all about me sharing with you the goodies that I picked up from Primark a few days ago. Primark is honestly killing it in my opinion right now. They are keeping up with the latest trends and everything is so cute! Some of the stuff they are selling, you would have absolutely no idea whether it is from Primark or Topshop - they are S L A Y I N G.
I had to stop myself from buying so many clothes because I really didn't need them so I just grabbed some essential things that I needed and a few extra bits and bobs! Here they are...
So first of all is this cute little tight fitted off the shoulder top. Its got like a ruched/ruffled texture which I think is really cute and summery, it just adds a little extra to a plain black top. This was only £3 - what a bargain!! I got a size 4 because there was no size 6/8's but luckily it fit me anyway as it is tight fitting but it's also a stretchy material so it's got a little bit of give to it.

Next up is this simple white crop top, it's just a basic essential that you can pair with absolutely anything and it always comes in handy so I popped it in my basket. £2.50 I just love Primark, you can never go wrong!!
How cute is this "staycation" slogan bag?! This was the reason I went to Primark, I needed a large bag that could carry some extra things back to London with me. I love the colours on this bag, I think they compliment each other so much and the little slogan just makes it so cute. I'm in love! This was £14.
 I was in desperate need of some new eyelash curlers as I had had these scraggly old pink ones that I had for a lifetime, I'd been using them for like 5 years no joke, and they were actually disgusting. The little squishy pad on the curler was like broken and hanging off and they were so dirty so I thought it was time for some new ones haha. I saw these rose gold coated beauties for only a £1 so it was a must have item for me.
Primark's jewellery game right now is so bombbbbbbb. They have so many amazing chokers and their designs are just beautiful. I picked this up because they look so pretty and elegant and I love the teal wrap around choker. I thought these were amazing as you can mix and match, you can pair them with other chokers, layer them up or wear them just as single chokers, and they were only £3 for 3, which is insane.
Now these are my favourite purchase. They are an AMAZING dupe for the Adidas NMD's, the colour is the same, the fabric is the same, they have a panel on the sole of the shoe which is pretty much the same just without the logo, the only difference is obviously the stripes. But for £12 these are amazing as they are such a good dupe. I AM OBSESSED. I want the grey and pink Adidas NMD's so I'm praying Primark bring these shoes out in those colours too. My life will be made, so Primark I'm counting' on U.
I literally live by these hair bobbles. They are so easy and comfortable to use, and they just look so much prettier when you wear them on your wrist, instead of a plain boring black bobble. Anyway I have so many of these and they are my favourite so when I saw these I was like aaah mermaid/unicorn vibes. I couldn't decide which they were most suited to but I mean if a mermaid or a unicorn was to wear bobbles it would for sure be these haha. They are so pearly and pretty and they are only £1. Then I also picked up these other plain ones also for a £1, I thought they would come in useful somewhere, even if its just to get my hair out of my face when I'm applying my make up.
I was shopping with my family the other day and I saw this product but from a different brand and I was like OMG that is such a good invention I need that... then I looked at the price and it was like £10 so I was like girllll no thanks, not for that price. A few days later I go to Primark and what do I see? THE SAME THING FOR £1.50, YES £1.50. I was like hallelujah. Such a perfect little tool! 

  So before I go to Primark, I like to do my research.. I always watch hauls on YouTube to see what goodies to look out for when I go. I especially like to look at the beauty products to see other peoples opinions before I buy because I never know what to expect from Primark makeup as it's is so affordable it could go one way or the other. I love the Primark lip liners and the liquid lipsticks but then I came across this on a lot of YouTube hauls so I grabbed some for myself to try and I was very surprised when I got these home and tested them out. 
 The strobing kit has three highlighter shades in, a pearly white, a bronzy gold and a subtle champagne pink colour which isn't as blinding as the other two shades.  This was only £4 and the pigmentation is honestly amazing, they are so soft and apply so nice to the skin. The contour and glow palette has a light contour shade and a gorgeous champagne gold highlighter. These are just as amazing as the strobing kit highlighters and for £3.50 you just can't go wrong.

That is everything I picked up from Primark my lovelies so I hope you enjoyed seeing what I grabbed, like I said there was so many clothing pieces I could have picked up but I had to stop myself. Anyway that's it from me for tonight, I will have another post up for you tomorrow, but for now ciao hunnies x

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